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We are teacup puppies’ lovers and bring you the most extroverted, intelligent, and playful breeds you’ll ever meet. We are not your average puppy store; we value the puppy’s safety and well-being here at Teacup Pomeranian Puppies. Our goal is to provide them with the absolute best possible in our humble abode.

Pomeranian teacup puppies for sale here sleep in clean and cozy spaces with heating pads and warm blankets available to them at all times. We don’t use cages that use metal wire floors as it could pose a danger to the teacup size puppies. 

We have dedicated staff to take care of all the puppies and keep them clean and healthy. We also employ a full-time veterinary technician to perform regular checks and make sure they are healthy. The technician also makes sure that all the Pomeranians for sale here are up to date with vaccination. 

Apart from this, a licensed veterinarian comes to the store every week to perform examinations on all the puppies available at the time. So, when you buy a puppy from our store, you will be bringing home a healthy and happy pup.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring a smile to the owners who receive their new Pomeranian puppy. That is why we are a dedicated bunch in providing these delightful little puppies to owners in the US and Canada in a simple and hassle-free manner. Our community of dog lovers wants to place a happy pup in a happy home. 

We aim to safely deliver superior quality teddy bear Pomeranian and teacup Pomeranian puppies. All these puppies come with clean bills of health and from responsible breeding as well. And we say that ‘everyone deserves to have a four-legged friend in their life’. Owning these beautiful creatures will enable you to talk to anyone and welcome new friends in your life.


Teacup Pomeranian is the smallest pom you can buy on the market. They are fluffy, small, and adorable in different ways. Regardless of the size, these pups have become a popular choice among people in the last decade. The standard pom comes from the Spitz family of dogs, and they are quite popular these days. 

You can welcome a Pomeranian puppy to your home from your store. We have a teddy bear Pomeranian puppy for sale and a teacup puppy for sale as well. Poms are extremely friendly with people, and they are wonderful apartment dwellers and can find many ways to entertain. You can easily train the puppies by keeping them engaged. 

Teacup Pomeranian makes us happy, and we want to send a puppy to your home that will make you happy. Go ahead and open the Contact Us page to send an inquiry.

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